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Fleet Safety, Training, Crash Analysis

Working with fleet managers or safety managers of any business with company-owned vehicles, West Crash Consulting, LLC can review crash history and create customized safety programs to reduce traffic crashes. These customized safety programs can help you determine safety risks with your drivers, your equipment or your procedures. With this knowledge, we can work with your management team to create policies and training programs to increase safety and efficiency while limiting liability.  

After any crash with company-owned fleet vehicles, contract with West Crash to image vehicle EDR to provide data analysis to you and your legal team within 48 hours of the crash. The faster you have this data analysis, the faster you and your legal team can make INFORMED decisions on how to proceed. Is the other side offering a quick settlement? With this analysis, you can have the advantage of knowledge and information they haven’t gotten yet and can save your company hundreds of thousands (or more) in lawsuits.

Been in a car crash?

Prior to negotiations for any settlements or plea bargains regarding your crash case, let West Crash Consulting work with you to ensure you are making an informed decision.