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Traffic Crash Analysis

An initial Traffic Crash Analysis includes looking at the original crash report obtained from the local law enforcement agency, photos of the crash and damages, and statements from the driver(s) and/or witnesses to look for inconsistencies, errors, omissions or questions that need to be answered. If you don’t have any of those documents yet, contact us with what you do have. Many times after just talking about the crash, we can identify questions you should be asking or information you should be requesting from the reporting agency.

West Crash Consulting, LLC will look at all the information available during this initial analysis and identify any issues or questions that may require further investigation or reconstruction of the crash. An initial Traffic Crash Analysis will generally take about 30 minutes to an hour and will be free for the first analysis. There may be a minimal fee for more detailed analysis or more complicated crash cases.

Contact us today with your questions. The sooner you begin gathering information, the earlier you can begin preparing your case and making informed decisions.

Been in a car crash?

Prior to negotiations for any settlements or plea bargains regarding your crash case, let West Crash Consulting work with you to ensure you are making an informed decision.